Success is in your mind

The way you see yourself is the way others see you. We always reflect what we think we are, our self-perception. If you think you’re a professional success, others will perceive that as well. And it is actually a catch 22 (and ii will depend on you if it will become a virtuous or vicious cycle). The more people perceive you as successful, more successful you will be and more successful you will believe you are and so on and so for ….. It’s not a secret that convictions and perceptions determine how one behaves. And that affects the perception of others.

In my seminars on persuasion and negotiation there’s always a funny situationis always when we “act on” our body language. One of the role plays is about an entrepreneur looking for investors. The one who implores get nothing, and the confident and sometimes even arrogant. The exercise, which causes nervous laughter,  especially causes a profound reflection on how I appear to others and, more profoundly, about how confident I am.

That is why when we talk about professional success, the first thing to evaluate is the attitude. There are a few people who, for genetic and personality have all the numbers to win. There are many others that have to work on it. But when they manage to change their beliefs and transform themselves, they have a training and skill that the “extroverted” lack. They have develop a tool that allows them to overcome difficulties and that is very helpful throughout the personal and the professional life.

It is therefore important not to rule out any aspiration, however difficult it may seem. Everything is at your fingertips. It depends on your personal work.Success is in your mind and you can make it happen. And that is something that would be nice is recruiters and HHRR managers could keep in mind as well.