A high performance organisation

What does a high performance organisation look like? It has an aligned and cohesive management team, efficient and committed staff, lean processes, effective management systems, and a productive and customer-oriented environment that fosters excellence and optimum performance.

It may sound like a pipe dream, but it is entirely feasible. The right kind of intervention in the right areas can create synergy and change, getting all your staff enthusiastic about working toward success. What’s more, the effect that being a high performance company will have in the P & L statement justifies the effort.

Your strategic vision should be shared by every management level. Effective workshops can encourage discussion, agreement and commitment from your management team.

Your management team should be a real team, cooperating and helping each other. Rivalries and biased points of view should be abandoned. This can be achieved through coaching, team coaching and workshops or through a specific high performance management team program.

Your processes should be lean and clean. The best people to identify where your process lead to rework, repetitions or wasted time and resources are the users, i.e. your own staff. Reviewing and modifying your processes will improve your staff’s lives and your company’s performance.

Your management systems should help your staff manage  resources efficiently. They want to be effective and so do you. Analyse and improve your management tools in each area and your performance will improve accordingly.

Ongoing training is essential for all staff with managerial responsibilities in order for them to perform according to expectations.

And finally, measure what your company can do and aim high. You too can have a high performance organisation.