Your guide to the 30-minute management meeting

Management and Board meetings are essential but expensive. Just multiply the salaries of all the participants for the duration of the meeting and you’re likely to get an astronomical figure. And that’s without factoring in other costs, such as the use of the boardroom, available services (catering, assistants, etc.) and the opportunity cost. Yet, despite their high hourly cost,[…]


It’s lonely up here! …the CEO’s tragedy.

When I talk to CEOs, I often hear the phrase “as you can imagine….I can’t tell anyone here.” Maybe it’s sometimes expressed in different words, but the meaning is always the same. When a person is responsible for leading an organisation, they adopt a specific perspective and it is inevitable that their views differ from others who have partial[…]


Why every organisation needs a high performance management team

A common question I come across when working with CEOs and Managing Directors is how they can achieve a management team that is up to the the strategic and operational needs of the company. Unfortunately, many top leaders of organizations feel some level of isolation when it comes to their management team and how coherently they are are able to work[…]

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5 key ways to achieve a high performance management team

It’s not unusual to hear CEOs say they don’t feel their management team is working with them to improve performance. Is also common to find management teams divided into two or three factions and to hear employees complain about different receiving conflicting instructions from different members of the management team. In reality, just as any[…]