Working with you

Performance is a matter of attitude and having the right tools. Over the last 25 years I have designed and implemented high performance programmes for organisations all over the world.

Cost reduction, turnover increase, margin increase, lower inventories, better liquidity, improved customer service….all different aspects of a high performance program,

My approach depends on the company and its particular situation, but typically will start with an introductory meeting, an assessment and the design of a specific plan of interventions.

Reformulation of management tools and systems, re-engineering of process steps, management training, individual or group coaching, skills training, working groups focused on different aspects, specific workshops, visual factory, lean methodologies or any other interventions can be discussed and agreed as appropriate.

The extent of the interventions and my role will be agreed and the transformation will begin.

Fluid communication with top management is essential during the programme. We will be working together to reinforce achievements, remove obstacles and constantly evaluate the progress of the programme.

A final evaluation is made at the end of the programme. Although by the end of the programme, the organisation will have all the tools it will need to continue its transformation without further interventions, a follow-up programme can be agreed upon if considered necessary or desireable.